Vital prompts for creating 500 word essays

An essay prompt contains an introductory question that should help the writer pick out a specific topic to write about. Essay writing normally emphasizes length, but when the specific number of words is mentioned, one should be very careful. Planning of work will result in the individual having enough to write about in the 500 words. This planning should begin from the choice of topic, and this is where the prompt importance comes in. A good understanding of essay prompts leads to a proper reactionary response form the writer. The prompt shows the direction, but the writer has to make their own way during the writing process. Before beginning, one should have a clear idea of where they want to go. It is therefore important for the writer to have a proper understanding of what exactly they want to achieve with the essay before writing the prompt.

Basic questions to ask

Before writing the prompt, one should ask themselves a few questions. The prompt requires a certain type of writing. Before the writer begins, they should have determined which specific form of writing is required. The purpose of the essay should also be considered. The prompts for, say, an admission essay will be different from those of a term paper essay. The information required to complete the essay is also a relevant subject to consider. The writer should never forget the audience.

Purpose of the essay

Considering the purpose of the essay means asking the questions whose answers will best meet the requirements set before the essay began. The purpose of the essay should be the single biggest point to consider when writing essay prompts. If it is an admission essay, will the questions one ask have the answers that will convince admission officers that they should admit the student? If it is an informative essay then the prompt should be such that it encourages the student to gain access to all the information they need.


The people at the receiving end of the essay most times affect the style of the writer and the information they include in their essay. The prompts should be such that they consider the changes necessary to accommodate the changes required to accommodate the audience.


Being a 500 word essay, it is just long enough to include all the relevant information and short enough not to become too boring or redundant. The prompts should take into consideration the length of the essay and whether the writer will be able to adequately represent themselves in 500 words.