Completing your Article in 6 Steps

You've been asked to write an article, how fantastic! Now, all you need to do is overcome procrastination, study you writer's prompt and compose a masterpiece article that will get you the notoriety that you deserve.

Easier said then done. One of the hardest things about writing for a living is overcoming procrastination habits and getting the work done. Below, we've included a list of 6 simple steps that will help you get your article done in no time.

  1. Set a goal
  2. Once you have been assigned the article set a goal based on the amount of time before the article is due. When would you like to have it done by? You can even set up intermittent goals for longer projects such as, half way done by Tuesday, complete by Friday etc.

  3. Complete your preliminary research
  4. Depending on the project you may have to budget time for research as well. Dedicate a certain amount of time to researching and outlining. Read similar articles and get yourself "in the mood to write".

  5. Draw Up An Outline
  6. After you have gotten some inspiration from your preliminary research draw up an outline that lays out specifically the different points that you intend to include in your article. Break up your article into sections based on the assigned word count.

    Most articles can be written in 5 sections; introduction, three supporting points and a conclusion.

  7. Fill in the Outline
  8. The next step is to fill in your outline by using your research. Each piece of research should be sorted into your 5 sections or discarded. The best rule of thumb here is if it doesn't fit into any of your outlined paragraphs then it doesn't need to be included. Try to use only the strongest points.

    It is a good idea to fill your outline out using full sentences and beginning structuring your article. This will save you time once you actually sit down to write.

  9. Write
  10. From your wonderful outline, begin writing your article. If you were thorough in your researching and outlining steps all you need to do is organize your paper and revise your sentences so that everything flows nicely together.

  11. Condense, Proofread & Edit
  12. The final step is to look at your finished article from an objective point of view. Trim the fat, and cut out content that is not relevant or vital to the articles fluidity. Once you have done that carefully proofread and edit your paper for technical and grammatical errors.

At last it is time to celebrate, your article is complete in on 6 easy steps.. See, that wasn't so hard!