John Green

Okay. Okay. For Hazel and Gus, this was their I love you and it is all because of John Green that kids are saying it. John Green is more than just a write of The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, and other books. He is also has some very successful YouTube channels that entertain and educate their views. Green set out to make learning fun again and have the young and old asking questions and he wants to give them the answers. But he doesn’t do it alone, along with his brother Hank, they education millions of views a week on various subjects.

Back in 2007, John and Hank started VlogBrothers, starting on January 1st the brothers decided to not talk to each other in any other form than the videos. Every other day they would send each other a video on their YouTube channel. After gaining a huge following the brothers decided to keep the videos going and they still continue to exchange these vlogs every week. The followers that follow John and Hanks videos on YouTube call themselves Nerdfighters. Nerdfighters not only follow the videos but they also help out with charities like Kiva, which gives loans to entrepreneurs around the world to help start businesses. And they also are active in John and Hank’s charity, the Foundation To Decrease World Suck, which helps places around the world.

Another popular YouTube channel that is run by the John Green is Mental Floss, which gives their views a list of facts about a topic that they might not have known about, it is also a magazine that you can subscribe to the has the same name and premise. While John Green and his brother Hank run other YouTube channels like, SciShow, CrashCourse, and hankgames, they also have also founded another charity and conference. In 2010, John and Hank created VidCon, which is a conference for all of the people that post videos on YouTube regularly. This event was organized to bring all of the online video community together for a weekend. It is a party and business conference rolled into one.

The charity project that was thought up by John and Hank called Project For Awesome was started in December 2007. On December 17th and 18th YouTube users create videos about their favorite charities and since it was started it has raised over a million dollars. John Green is not only a great author, he does so much more for the education of young people as well as giving back to others.