Modality Image Registration

Muiti-modality image registration is a medical imaging process whereby images from different scanners are merged together during patient diagnostics. During this process images of the same point of interest are captured using different scanners at different periods of time and different angles of focus. This is a step done in order to limit the image distortions associated with time, angle and type or quality of scanner. The final reliable output image is obtained by merging the various images together and the common points are registered.

Earlier there was a shortcoming in the use of single modality in diagnostics because of different orientations and different resolutions of scanners used. Multi-modal image registration came forth as a solution to this challenge. The brain is the first body organ hat multi-modal image registration was applied. This is due to the skull which has least movements hence act as permanent marks that help in merging of images from different orientations and resolution.

Mode of operation

The most recent way of multi modal image registration is maximisation of mutual information. This is whereby the common features related in the various images are mapped together in a defined gradient in order to help evaluate the variations in the images. Mutual information is assumed to be maximized if the images are geometrically aligned since the statistical analysis can give the dependence between image resolution intensities and corresponding voxel.

Use of maximization of mutual information in multi-modal image registration is simple and it has proved to be reliable since no further image processing is required. From history it has been used in registration of computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) and positron-emission tomography (PET) images of the brain and it has depicted superior and robust performance. Through this medics are able to get the location and deformities in human brain reliably and effectively.


There are several practical incidences in which multi-modal image registration has been used in diagnostics. These include determination of prostate cancer extent, histology and MRI registration technique termed Combined Feature‐ Ensemble Mutual Information (COFEMI).

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