Research Paper Buy Online: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Most students are thrilled to learn that it is perfectly legal to purchase papers, essays, and dissertations online. However, there are some majors pros and cons to considering this as an option for your paper. Research papers and other assignments are meant to be a chance for you to show your own abilities and talents, not pass off someone else's work as your own. This is why may schools and colleges have strict policies in place to deal with paper mill reports and plagiarism. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying your research paper online:


  • Most students who look at buying their paper online do so because they are overwhelmed by the amount do work that is involved in the assignment. Add to that the work load of other classes, a job, and a family and many students find it easier to buy their papers.
  • These online essays are often written by former students or people who have taken a similar class or had a similar research topic before. They know what it expected and have already done the work.
  • Often times a student's instructor may not be that clear on the assignment or requirements for the paper or they may not be readily available to answer questions. Some students find it easier to get their essay online rather than try to work with their instructor.


  • The biggest drawback to getting papers online is that there is no promise of how original the paper is. Many instructors today run papers through program that can check to see if it is original, so getting an essay that has been used 20 other times is of no use to you.
  • When a paper mill paper is used, students are selling themselves short and not living up to their full potential.
  • Custom essays can ensure that the content is unique if someone writes a new one for the order, but it can be very expensive.
  • Quality is often not the greatest with these types of papers and they may be full of grammar errors, spelling mistakes, typos, and other issues that could cause the student to fail and have the paper rejected by the instructor. The biggest reason why a student should not buy their research papers online is because of the concept of academic morality. Students caught with paper mill papers are often failed in the class and often times find themselves kicked out of their program and banned from that college- it just is not worth the risk.