Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

In the entire history of America, Katrina Hurricane was considered as one of the worst hurricanes in the last century. One can say it a centuries hurricane. This hurricane was an amalgam of tropical waters and dusty winds. It was the deadliest hurricane of category – 5 causing huge damage to the citizens of the United States.

It was an eve of Wednesday, August 23, 2005 when it had raised from the tropical depression of the oceans near Louisiana. In the beginning, its wind speed was 75mph which increased and maximize its level to 170mph just within 5 days of starting (Hurricane Katrina from NOAA). It was started from a category – 1 but the warm waters converted it into a category – 5 deadliest hurricane. Scientists explained about its facts that it was happening due to the global warming which has transfused power and endurance to it. (Causes and Effects…,” from For the People). Wind speed was also a partial factor which boosted its power. In a result, the worst hurricane struck the coast of the United States and demolished a huge area.

A huge tally of casualties was calculated at New Orleans, Louisiana. It was also marked as the most damaged city of the United States by Katrina.

In a result, electricity and property outages, food, shelter and medicine problems raised which suffered the citizens of the U.S. (Causes and Effects… ” from For the People). More than one million people had left their houses and lived in the New Orleans Super dome. Half of the city was floating in the water. Expressways, bridges and giant buildings were presenting the picture of the seaside. The most outrageous, more than 2 million people have suffered the electricity outrage for several weeks. Water was the main cause to restore the electricity. The estimated loss of movable and immovable property was more than 81 billion dollars (Causes and Effects… “ from For the People). Now the whole city was rebuilt in a new way, but a large number of places missing its identity and old shape.

The outrageous factor of Katrnia Hurricane was a reaction from the masses of New Orleans towards local and federal government. They have shown their anger because local government did not plan the city as a hurricane protected city when they were aware about its geographic credentials. New Orleans has changed, now it has a new look, many people have migrated from the city, but there is still dearth need of development because the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.