Homework Help: Checking Your Papers For Mistakes

Unfortunately, many schools and teaching methods have unintentionally led to a phenomenon of students doing the absolute bare minimum for their courses. This is unfortunate because it leads to more serious problems later in one’s studies, when precision and accuracy are far more important. Form good learning habits now by learning about good strategies to check your papers for mistakes.

  • Writing Assignments
  • Your writing assignments are perhaps the most vital types of assignments to learn to craft well if you intend to pursue higher education. There are many ways to check your papers for mistakes, and which you use will depend on your own personal circumstances.

  • You have major problems with spelling and grammar.
  • If spelling and grammar aren’t your strong points, you’re going to need to explore ways to have someone else correct your papers for you, and you’ll have to do your best to learn from their corrections. Right now, it might be fine to have a friend or relative help you, but that’s not going to be sufficient for the rest of your life. Consider employing a professional proofreading or editing service.

  • Your writing lacks focus.
  • Professional services can help with this too, but you can also find a likeminded peer in the same field of study to help you with this, so long as your basic writing skills are up to par. Have them review your written assignments and make notes in the margin questioning what sections relate to which, what you mean by introducing an idea at a particular point, and so on.

  • Other Assignments
  • Regardless of the type of assignment, having a second person review it for mistakes is usually helpful. Maths and sciences, however, sometimes offer us some very good ways to check our own work, and if you’re proficient in those fields, learning to do so and having the discipline to do it can help you out a lot in the future.

Thoroughness, not Perfection

Perfection is a noble goal, but it’s not necessarily what you’re going for in checking papers for mistakes. What you really want to do is present a paper that shows you took the time and energy to do your best, and that requires being thorough. Don’t just do the bare minimum and turn it in; it may not have repercussions right now, but it most definitely will in the future.