Writing a good Case Study in Education

In education, case studies can be written for many reasons. The main purpose of education case studies are to walk a reader through a problematic situation. There are many elements that must be included and things that must be addressed so that the reader can fully grasp the problem and the steps made to alleviate the problem and help the reader experience the situation.

Background of the problem

The first step in the experience of a case study for the reader is supposed to be understanding of the problem or the background of the situation for the case study. There needs to be an explanation or reason behind the case study and a build up to it. An understanding of the reasons and the problem that needed to be addressed is the first step to the reader understanding the case.

In summation, the first step is to pick a problem or situation and then explain and clarify it for the reader.

Research and gather information and create a solution

After a situation is described and clarified, next is the information and research portion of the case study. You must explain the research or information gathered for the case study. After researching the problem at hand, and you are confident with your knowledge on the problem, it is then time to come up with a solution and propose it to the reader. These solutions should be well thought out and able to tested.

After proposing the solution to the problem, test or discuss past testing of the solution and discuss. Discuss how the solution is working, possible other solutions to the original one if it is not, or discuss and explain that this is a new problem that is still being researched and tested for the solution.

Tell a story

You don't have to make the case study only educational, you can also make it an interesting story to read. Tell the whole story in a factual way, but still make it an interesting read by including as much detail as possible and not just statistics and numbers. Stay focused, but keep the reader's attention so you can get your point across.

In conclusion

A well written case study is achieved in many steps. After a problem is established and explained, research must be done and a style must be established to keep the reader's attention.