A manual to citing sources in a term paper

Until you have become an expert in your chosen degree subject, you will need to find sources that will support any opinion that you have. Since students are not experts, they need to not only find the sources, but they need to properly document those sources by listing the proper citations. This has to happen in the actual paper as well on the works cited pages students are required to include at the end of the term paper. Unfortunately, students are known for making many careless mistakes on their citations and their works cited pages, simply because they do not follow the manual or use the proper websites to help them along the way.

Learn Your Required Formatting Style

When your instructor assigns the term paper, she will tell you the formatting style that you should use. It will be something like MLA, APA, or Chicago Style. The selected style will be determined by the subject area of the course. A literature course will use the MLA, or Modern Language Association, style. If you are writing for a social science course, you will use the APA or American Psychological Association style. Chicago Style, or Chicago Manual of Style, will also be used for courses related to literature, history, or the arts. These three are the most popular, but there are many other citation styles for subjects like math, physics, and chemistry. If you know you will be writing several research papers in a given style, it is recommended that you invest in a manual for that style.

Buy a Manual

Formatting a term paper in a particular style is not limited to creating a works cited list and citing sources in the body of the paper. The formatting style should also be used when organizing the paper, writing the title page, and adding page numbers. Organizational and formatting styles vary from style to style and it can be helpful to see what those look like on the inside of the manual. None of the manuals are available for free online, because each organization benefits from selling the manuals as books or ebooks.

Use a Free Citation Website

If you prefer not to buy a manual, you can use website that will document the sources you use. These usually get the job done for free, but they will not give formatting instructions for any other part of the term paper. You will need to input the titles, authors, URLs, and other parts of the sources you use, but the sites will put them into the proper format.