Boxer in Animal Farm

Boxer was the name assigned to the horse in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. Boxer was the strongest animal on the farm when it comes to physical ability. He was enormous and strong exceeding the ability of the present day horse. He was believed to possess the abilities of two strong male horses. In addition, he was recognized on a universal scale and his standards were highly regarded by other animals. His power in hard work and his steadfast character contributed to the recognition he received. Boxer’s conviction would send all the others to action. Having a personal motto to keep working harder and his adherence to it made him outstanding providing a good role for other animals in the farm.

His strength however was not enough to protect him from a looming threat. At the start of the novel, the old major had warned boxer that he was disposable. Breathing his threats, he mentioned that boxer would advance in age and a weak body and muscles would be inevitable. At that time, Jones would send him to the knacker who would do away with the horse by slitting his throat and boiling him down for the fox-hounds. However, when Jones was ousted from the farm, boxer became relaxed assuming that the threat would die with the absence of Jones.

As a passionate communist, boxer was happy to oblige to all that Napoleon said. He becomes a loyal follower and believer in Napoleon thus keeping close to heart all that Napoleon said. He believed that whatever Napoleon said was always right thus passionately following any directive from this communist leader. This precluded Boxer from making decisions of his own. He failed to think on his own but rather believed that whatever Napoleon said was right. Out of his hard work and his desperate efforts to serve the rebellion, his strength wore out sending the once strong animal weak and unable to fight for his life when he needed to do so. He was sent to the slaughter by the power of the communist leader whom he passionately believed to be right.

The case of Boxer is a representation of the common population who take faith in the leadership of manipulative governments. Despite their combined strength that they can use to overturn the oppressive governments, they continue to live under that government which subjects them to exploitation and poverty. They only realize the truth when they it is too late and they are in no position to fight against the oppressive leaders.