How to write a strong essay introduction section

Every good paper should have a strong introduction. The introduction is very important because it is the part of the essay that will draw your audience in and get them to want to read more of your essay. It is where you introduce your topic so that your reader has an idea of what the essay is about. There are some very important elements that should be included in every essay. Writing a strong essay introduction is simple once you know what elements to include. Remember a strong essay will get your reader engaged in your writing and prepare them for the information. You simply need to follow these steps.

  1. Start with an interesting quote or sentence.
  2. The first sentence is designed to draw your reader in. One way to do so is to come up with a quote about your topic. You can get this from a credible source. It will be a great way to get your reader engaged in your topic. Another way to do so is to start by giving a definition of what the topic is about.

  3. Give some background information
  4. The next part of the introduction is where you would give your audience background information. This helps the audience understand your topic. It is best to make sure that you pretend like the audience has no idea what the topic is about.

  5. Vocabulary
  6. If there are any vocabulary words that you need to tell the audience in order for them to understand the topic, they should be included in the introduction as well. That way the reader doesn’t have to have a dictionary in order to understand the essay. This should really only be done if the vocabulary words are topic specific.

  7. Thesis statement
  8. The last sentence of the introduction should be a thesis statement. The thesis is designed to tell the reader why you are writing the essay. It is the main purpose for writing the paper. If you could sum up the essay in one or two sentences, this would be the thesis statement. It should also list the supporting reasons that will be explained in your body paragraphs.

These are the major parts of an introductory paragraph. All parts should be included in every essay except the vocabulary. This can be left out if there are not any specific vocabulary related to the topic.