Graduate School Application Essay Structure

A well-written graduate school application essay can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. While it is only one of a number of things that you need to have perfect in order to gain admittance, it is nonetheless the most truly personal part of your application and your space to show uniqueness and worthiness for graduate school. If you accurately represent yourself, then you will be able to make a great case for being admitted to the school.

A graduate school application essay can be divided into three parts, like any other essay. The first part is the introduction, the second part is the body of the essay and the third part is the conclusion. You need to write an essay that will capture the attention of the reader from the first line, so as to entice them to continue reading and make an impression on their mind from the get-go.

The introduction is the most important part of the essay. Even the first line should be different in a new and creative way, making the reader want to read on. You may want to explain a little bit about why you want to join the field right from the introduction, but if you do so, then be sure to make it unique and creative – no hackneyed responses are going to work for you.

When it comes to the body, here you need to really sell yourself. In the first paragraph, for instance, you might want to discuss reasons for joining the field, adding to the introductory information (but not repeating any of it). Here you might also want to go into detail about why you selected that program in particular, and why you want to join the institute, since admissions officers are also keen to know what attracts candidates. In the second paragraph of the body, discuss previous educational and personal experiences, inside and outside of the field. In the next paragraph, describe your future goals and plans, and either in the same paragraph or a new one, try to elucidate why you’d be a good candidate for this program.

Finally, end with the conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the previous points, and show an air of confidence regarding your abilities. Don’t repeat information that’s been mentioned before, but do wrap up the previous points properly. The conclusion should leave the reader feeling as though you’re the best match for the program and should absolutely be admitted.

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