Essay Topics For High School Students: Proceeding With Home Task

Essay writing is fun. Once you get the pen, you should not stop writing. Write whatever comes to your mind whether it is argumentative, critique, persuasive or no matter what. However, be sure while writing that whatever you are writing should be relevant to your topic, and nothing should go out of the context.

Pick a topic that is unique

Unique topic could make your writing unique and you would get your skills polished. Choosing the topic is the most important section of your writing, 50% of your writing is done when you select a right topic. This would raise your interest and you would feel free to share your views about the topic.

Your topic should attract readers

Your topic should be very general that means you should go for a topic that could attract your reader. The most attractive topics could be the most discussed topics. You can say hot issues, it could be political, some health topics, or other technology topics.

You should be passionate about your topic

Being passionate about your topic is a positive thing and it could earn you more benefit, however, some writers suggest not selecting a topic you are very passionate about. They say, by choosing a topic you are passionate about could make you biased and you could not stay neutral while giving your views and it would fail to grasp the reader’s attention.

Most assigned topics

Most of the assigned topics as discussed above are those, which can drag a lot of thoughts, ideas, and views to the topic. In addition, people love to talk about them. The more reviews you get, the more strong is your topic.

Choose a topic that will get you a good grade

Topic is going to get you a good grade for real. This is your topic, which compels the reader to read it. Moreover, if the reader, after getting attracted to the topic, does not get from the body what he expected, then your writing would definitely disappoint him. Therefore, the body after the topic is also very vital to focus on.

Topics ideas for essays

Below are the ideal topics for essays on which one can write a detailed note with a dozen of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Social evils
  • Health
  • Medicine
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Terrorism
  • Religion