Hiring an Online Application Essay Tutor

Whether you’re applying to your first undergraduate program, an MBA program, or even a doctoral candidate program, admissions essays can be a very stressful assignment. You’ve very likely chosen the schools and programs to which you’d like to apply based on your own personal hopes and dreams, and you very much want to make the best possible first impression. You already know that having a well written admissions essay is absolutely key to making that happen.

Not All Great Students are Great Writers

Contrary to what admissions committees seem to believe, not every great student is an excellent writer, and even fewer are truly adept at writing compelling essays. It hardly seems fair that a student with a great deal to offer a program might be rejected out of hand because of a sub par essay that doesn’t really represent his true strengths. Thankfully, there’s help out there for these students.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

Hiring an essay and/or tutoring service to help you with your admissions essay shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed of. You’ll still be participating in the writing process, and the essay will still be representative of your achievements and potential, which is the entire point of an admissions essay. If you choose a thoughtful, talented writer to assist and tutor you, they won’t be writing for you. Instead, they’ll be helping you to write about yourself in a meaningful way that’s sure to make a better impression than writing the essay on your own.

Where to Find a Writing Tutor?

Going online is the best way to find a great essay writing assistant to help you with your application essays. That’s because many writers and writing agencies advertise online so that they can build their client base nationwide—there’s no reason not to with the ease with which digital documents can be transferred. Choose a service or writer with a sterling reputation, and spend some time asking them questions about how they plan to help you before committing to hiring them. This can both reassure you that the service is legitimate, and it can also be helpful as a sort of interview to make sure that you and the writer communicate well and are on the same page. If you have multiple admissions essays to submit, see if there’s a bulk discount available for helping with the final draft of each one.