Gun control research papers – are you for or against?

In the course of our education we all will have to write a research paper at one point or another on controversial issues. Right now a popular one is on the issue of gun control. The point of these assignments is to see that you are informed about current events as well as to teach you ways in which to express and defend your point of view on the subject.

There are many ways to research and write a paper but there are certain steps that should always remain the same. Why don’t we take a moment to look at them a little closer?

  • The issue
  • The issue at hand is gun control. It is a hot topic right now due to the controversy about the new gun laws. Some of your research for this could include the United States Constitution where it gives us the right to bear arms. It might also include facts and statistics regarding gun violence in America. There are any number of ways to take this research, but research it thoroughly because you will have to defend your opinion throughout the paper.

  • What is your stance?
  • You may find that going into this issue you may have no particular stance. You couldn’t care less one way or the other. In that case just pick a side and defend it. It would of course be easier for you if you had an opinion going in because then you could narrow your research down to just for or against.

  • Defend it
  • Whatever stance you take should be defended in your paper. Show facts about things that support your stance. For example if you are pro-gun control then statistics like people killed or injured by gun violence each year could be given or you could even use instances like Columbine as examples of reasons why gun control should be instated.

  • Cite it
  • No matter what your particular views are on any subject, not just this one, when you are writing a research paper it is uber important that you cite your sources. To not do this could be worse than merely detrimental to your grade. It could mean expulsion from school as wells as criminal charges for plagiarism.

By doing all of the things mentioned above you will not only be able to turn in a good paper but you will be armed with how to do it again the next time a research paper is assigned to you.