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Are Cheap Essays Possible?

Many essay writing services available online are very costly, for a few fundamental reasons. In most cases they are requested at the last minute, and they involve extensive assignments that require vast amounts of research, preparation and writing. Because of the immense amount of time and effort exerted on such assignments, writers often charge astronomical rates. However, there are ways around this if you seek writing assistance through the right mediums and resources.

Cheap Essay Writing Services

Most professional writing companies that screen and hire their writers charge costly rates for essay writing services. However if you hire an individual freelancer, you may score a better deal than you would under normal circumstances. But, how do you go about finding a quality, affordable essay service? Quite often, a cheap essay service will compromise the quality of the content provided. However, by using your own detailed screening process, you can single out a good, affordable writer, and get the essay that you need in a timely fashion.

Follow these steps to obtain quality essays for a great price:

  • When posting an ad, specify qualifications. But if possible, avoid classified ad websites altogether if you can. Many such websites have very little security for business persons, and they are ridden with scam artists extending all over the globe. Many scams entail submitting poor quality work, and failing to submit a refund. Another typical scam is one that obtains the client’s personal information. Beware of classified ad scams that take advantage of unassuming individuals.
  • A great alternative to using a classified ad website entails the use of a freelance website. These websites are far more secure because they verify the identity of the members, they sometimes request aptitude exams in each respective field, and they utilize a secure payment system. These websites allow you to post jobs, ad solicit proposals and bids from all over the globe. The advantage of this is that you will receive bids of all levels, including very cheap ones. And some of the cheap bidders may actually prove to be highly skilled writers. These proposals allow you to determine who is legitimate, and who isn’t. Not to mention, the identity verification system will be deterrent for scam artists. You may identify overseas freelancers who are both native English speakers and flexible with their rates.
  • Once you have selected a freelancer, conduct a trial run to determine if they are a suitable fit for your essay.