10 Best US History Term Paper Topics For College Students

United States History is full of both interesting and controversial events. Finding a topic for any style of paper should not be a chore. Here are 10 of the best main topics for your term paper.

The Constitution

The first 21 amendments of the constitution provide multiple term paper topics. Each amendment had much thought put into it. Some were the result of serious conflicts. Some required the blood, sweat and tears of many to see changes that shaped the nation. Some topics to consider:

  • Free Speech
  • Gun Rights
  • Religious Freedom
  • Prohibition
  • African American Voting Rights
  • Women's Voting Rights

Early Supreme Court

The early Supreme Court did not have have to wonder as much what the founding fathers had intended seeing as the founding fathers were still living. However, it was called upon them to make decisions that affected how the law of the new land was carried out. Most of those cases have impact still today.

  • Judicial Review- Marbury v. Madison
  • John Marshall
  • State and Federal Government balance of power

The American Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War to gain America's independence from King George was not one simple historical event. The many battles and issues surrounding the war provide plenty of topics for a good paper. Consider:

  • Battle of Long Island
  • Continental Congress
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Treaty of Paris

Civil War

The civil war both tore apart and shaped the nation. There are no shortage of topics that can stem from this nation defining time period.

Native Americans

From first impressions to savage attacks to reservations, any number of civil rights issues can stem from topics studied about how Native Americans shaped the nation.

  • Wounded Knee
  • Reservations vs concentration camps
  • Native American attempted assimilation
  • Crazy Horse
  • Westward Expansion resistance

Women's Suffrage

It is hard to imagine that less than 100 years ago, women in America were not even allowed to vote. The women's suffrage movement and all of the advances made since are good topics for a research or an argumentative paper.

African American Civil Rights Movement

From slavery to voting, issues surrounding African American rights have been intense and often bloody.

  • Brown v Board of Education
  • Negro Leagues
  • Jim Crow Laws
  • Voting
  • Slavery
  • Equality
  • Civil Resistance
  • Rosa Parks
  • KKK
  • Integration of Schools
  • Frederick Douglass

Labor and Education

With the industrial boom workers and children found themselves exploited by bigger and bigger businessman. This called for reforms to ensure that the least of these were not exploited. These issues make good paper topics:

  • Labor Laws
  • Child Labor
  • School funding
  • Union

World Wars

Both of the World Wars changed and shaped a developing nation. This article could go on and on with topics that came out of those wars. A few ideas are:

  • German American detainment
  • Japanese American internment
  • Women in the military
  • Native Americans in the military
  • African Americans in the military
  • All American Girls Baseball League