Biology research paper writing tutorial

Writing a paper on biology can be an arduous task with much involved in the process. There is a lot of hands on research involved, along with researching other people's work. The formatting is similar to that of other science articles with slight differences in formatting and style.

The Abstract

The abstract should be the shortest part of your research paper. While it is recommended you write this at the end of the paper writing process when all your thoughts have been organized and you have said what you are going to say, it is possible to write this part first. All the abstract has to be is a quick summary of what you are trying to say in your paper and help the reader know what reading your paper is like so they can decide if it is a paper they wish to continue reading.

The paper from beginning to end

Your introduction in a biology paper should not be more than 2 pages long. It should be a brief explanation of what you are looking to prove with this experiment or paper, what your process was and what the results were. The introduction should always grab the reader's attention and let the reader know your exact intentions.

The rest of the paper should explain your methods the experiment. You should guide the reader step by step through your experiment and avoid using the words “I” and “me”. You should also avoid information that is self evident and obvious to the reader.

After you have written the details of the experiment, the next step is to explain and discuss the results. Explain what the results of the experiments were, Show any graphs or diagrams or pictures you include. In the discussion section discuss if they matched your hypotheses or not and what the significance is of the experiment and what it contributed to the biological field in general.


For a biology paper, it is only necessary to list any sources used and order them alphabetically.

In Conclusion

Writing a biology paper is a process of explaining an experiment. You must catch the readers interest by explaining the significance of your paper and why the experience was necessary for the field. Always double check all data found and always repeat experiments. Make sure you change and document changes in focus and if the results connect to other experiment.