How to Write A Good College Application Essay On Any Topic

Some of the world's greatest writers and composers have been known to spend time studying the work of predecessors who had achieved great success. In some cases they actually copied out the work of these outstanding literary and musical artists. Why did they do this? Well it was solely for the purpose of improving their own ability.

And this principle, reading the work of people who have been successful, applies very much to you when writing a good college application essay on any topic. Yes, you can do some brainstorming and we can talk about that in more detail later. But do understand that colleges keep copies of outstanding material written by their students. This material is freely available. It’s a great way to educate yourself, it’s free and there could be terrific benefits for your writing skills.

See how the others have done it

We could spend some time on talking about college application essay topics which are not recommended. But rather than do that let's be positive and concentrate on what does work and work well. Go through as many free sample college application essays as you can find online. Ask yourself a number of questions.

  • What is good about this essay?
  • What can I copy in principle in creating my own application essay?
  • What other topics were used in these college application essays?
  • Do any of the topics appeal to me?

It is just crazy to ignore this wonderful resource of freely available material. If you go to your search engine and type in free samples of successful college application essays, you will find a huge range of material to study. Take advantage of this.

Now I did mention brainstorming before and this activity can be brilliant in helping you find a good college application essay topic. Try brainstorming with other students, perhaps even those who are in the same boat as you looking for the right topic.

And of course once you find that perfect topic, remember the basic rules of writing something which is good and for you, hopefully, successful.

Don't boast about yourself. Do reveal your personality through your application essay. Don't overwrite and stick to the required number of words. Make sure you proofread and proofread again before you finally submit the essay. See if you can find somebody to read it after you've finished and give you some feedback.