Writing A Research Paper From Scratch: 5 Things You Should Know

If you want to write a research paper from scratch, you will need to divide your task in simple steps. It is not going to be hard if you set small milestones for yourself and divide your task in gradual steps. A research paper will need an excellent topic, a detailed research to get relevant data for your paper, good structure, and enough logical arguments to support your stance. Here are a few systematic steps you need to take in order to write a research paper from scratch.

Choose a topic of your interest

The first thing you will need for a good research paper is a great topic. Make sure you choose to write about something that you have passion for and want to continue working on it in the future. The topic of your paper must have the ability to engage and hook your readers. If you choose a topic that does not interest you then you will not be able to finish it in the given time.

Carry out literature review

When you have a topic for your paper, you need to review all the available material on this topic. This means checking the background of the subject and taking notes for strengths and weaknesses in your paper. The literature review needs to be very objective and should not have any biased opinions. This section will give your reader an insight to the history of your subject.

Gather relevant data

After you successfully writer you literature review, you can move to the data collection and analysis. The academic term for this is research methodology. You do not only have to collect data from authenticated sources but you also need to check its usefulness for your paper. Certain information might be overwhelming but it would be of no use if it does not relate to your paper.

Create an outline

When you have enough data for your paper, you can start putting similar data together and create a structure for your paper. This is the most important step that will decide the structure of your paper. You can use bullet points and numbers to create a good outline.

Write a draft

When you have the outline, you can start writing your draft. This step will be easy, as you only need to explain the mentioned points in your own words.

Finally you should carefully edit and improve your paper.