A helpful manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations

Every student will be called upon to write a term paper and many students also write a thesis or dissertation or more than one. Getting practical advice on the content and style of your writing and just as importantly on the layout and presentation of your work is worth its weight in gold. If you search online you will find there are a number of manuals available for academic writing purposes. Some of the salient points in the manuals are themselves provided online and free of charge.

However, the best manuals for helping writers of term papers and dissertations are often reprinted and some in multiple editions. Simply by looking for comments from people who have bought a copy of a particular manual, you will get a very good idea of what a fellow student thinks. Some writing manuals get almost unanimous praise.

But what can these manuals teach you?

Well certainly they will cover the business of style. It may well be a prerequisite from your teacher or professor that you present your term paper or dissertation in the MLA or APA format or something else quite similar. Being able to find the requirements quickly and easily and to be able to follow them and import these requirements into your own writing is a huge boost. It gives you confidence that you're doing the right thing and it certainly makes it easier for your examiner to read your paper.

In today's digital world it is so very easy to cut and paste and to potentially put yourself in danger of committing plagiarism. A quality writing manual will explain all about plagiarism and how you can avoid it when creating a term paper, thesis or dissertation. This could indeed save you big time.

You can always show your examiner that you have read widely by quoting from serious and widely recognized experts to support the points you're making in your writing. But knowing how to use these quotes and to cite these references is equally important. A good writing manual will explain in clear detail just how you should go about doing this sort of thing.

One really good aspect of a good writing manual is that it applies for writing in almost every discipline. Certainly if you are a student of history or humanities or liberal studies or even the sciences there is a great deal of value in the text found in an experienced writing manual.