How to write an analytical essay on Beowulf


Writing an analytical essay on Beowulf is a matter of knowing some secrets about these kind of texts. You must first read the poem and make sure you have a significant knowledge about it. After that, you should set the main purpose of your paper.

There are two main analytical essays you can write on Beowulf. One is about the three battles and one is about the hero – an analytical characterization.


Set three main ideas to sustain your thesis statement because that notions will be part of your body paragraphs. For instance, you can part your paper into these three ideas:

First battle: Grendel. Here you can analyze the situation from the night in Heorot, describe the great hall, describe Grendel and the actual battle.

Second battle: Grendel’s mother. Analyze the next night spent in the great hall. Describe the revenge of Grendel’s mother and how the best warrior of Hroðgar is killed. Then analyze Beowulf’s image as a hero who tries to balance the situation with that magic sword.

Third battle: the dragon. This battle takes place 50 years after the first ones and everything starts with a slave who steals a golden cup from a dragon in Earnaness. Examine how to hero fights the dragon and is fatally wounded and then burried on a cliff, where his tumulus can be seen. Describe the reason why the dragon’s treasure is burried with him. Examine the reason why the author chose the hero for a mortal end.


Let’s assume you have your key words and key ideas which are the frame of your paper. After that, you must start to summarize sentences for them. Be sure to write them in chronological order and connect them wisely. In this phase you may start to write a first draft of your text. Link your paragraphs to make the reader flow smoothly through your thesis. All of us know that the best ideas come after some time, so writing a first tryout is a need.


You should express your point of view about Beowulf on different particular issues. Leave the notes and drafts and write the analytical essay on Beowulf for good now. Create the introductory paragraph, write the main idea and write the summary of the paragraphs and conclusion. The conclusion should contain a restate of your ideas. No new facts here. After that, check your paper for errors.