Write essays quicker: organize your ideas

When it is time to write an essay you may be writing a factual and informative essay but it is still necessary that you use your creativity and imagination to produce the paper. You must research and read materials to learn more about the topic and you must ensure that you familiarize yourself with every bit of information you can about the matter. However, if you are not doing this while staying organized you could have more of a hassle ahead of you than what you could ever imagine.

Jumping right into your essay and writing is one of the worst things that you can do. It will take far longer to write the paper and there’s always the risk of the paper being unorganized, sloppy and otherwise difficult to read. Organizing is not hard to do, and when you take the time to keep you thoughts, materials and papers organized you can get through the essay writing process with complete ease.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Create a Diagram
  2. A diagram is easy to use and to create when it is idea organization that you want. To make a diagram you need to simple make a large bubble in the center of your paper where the topic is written inside. Draw three to four lines from the bubble on various sides and a bubble on the end of those as well. Inside of these bubbles you should list new thoughts and ideas and divide them according to importance. To take your diagram one step farther you can draw additional lines to write supporting facts.

  3. Draw an Outline
  4. Another option is to draw an outline. Your outline is a detailed plan that you create to write your paper. Creating an outline is fairly simple to do. You need to write the topic at the top of the page, using Roman numerals to separate them. Keep your sentences short and to the point, and always weight as clearly as possible.

  5. Speedwriting
  6. Speedwriting isn’t for everyone but for many it can be a great help when it is time to write your essay. When you are speedwriting you simply write in a continual manner, even if it is nothing more than writing I don’t know over and over again. You will get some ideas out of this which can be used in the essay.