Buy An Essay – Is It A Crime?

Is buying an essay really considered a crime? Well, you don’t hear much about people going to jail or prison over buying an essay. The idea sounds pretty silly but you may have a general idea as to why some people think the concept is wrong. In some cases, buying an essay may be helpful but it often depends on how the essay is used. Because some students may use an essay written by someone else as their own, it may cause some conflict as to whether the content of the assignment really belongs to the customer who requested it.

Understanding Why People Buy Essays

There are various reasons why students buy essay content. Many assume that when some buys an essay they are lazy or inconsiderate and just don’t want to do their work. This could be true but certainly not always the case. This is the opportunity to work with a professional writer that understands technical writing aspects for an essay. Some students admit they don’t have time to write one on their own or need further guidance coming up with ideas.

In other words, if the instructor doesn’t have time to work with the student on their assignment, a professional essay writer can be another option. Access to good sources is another problem; some students may not be able to get to sources acceptable to use for their essay content. So, they hire a writer to complete their work, but you do have a say in how the content is written.

When is it Wrong to Buy an Essay?

Some people who engage in buying essays may wonder when it is wrong to do so. Others may think that just because it wasn’t written by the student themselves they think it is cheating. Some students admit they could use an extra pair of hands when they have multiple tasks to complete. Others think you could be opening yourself to something you should try to avoid; plagiarism.

Buying an essay to use as a sample to help you understand how to write your topic may not be so bad. But, if you share content you have purchased with other students to use or they decide to copy details from it, you could have a problem. It comes down to personal opinion about buying essays. It is often considered a personal and private option anyway.