Where to Get Analysis and Evaluation Essay Templates: 5 Places to Check

When writing an analysis and evaluation essay, students should always use a template. With a template, the student knows the exact format that their paper needs to have. Before choosing a specific template, students should make sure that it has the same length as their assignment. If the template is shorter than their required page length, the student can always try modifying it by adding in new paragraphs in the body. For free templates, students should consider the following options.

  • The Library
  • Within the library, students can find a wealth of resources for writing. Many of the writing manuals and guides in the English section will have templates for the various types of papers. If students are unable to find the template that they need, they can always ask the librarian for some extra help.

  • The Writing Center
  • Most campuses will have some type of writing or tutoring center. At this location, students can easily get the help that they need for their writing. In general, the university will allot a set amount of tutoring hours every semester to each student. Students can use their tutoring hours to get help with finding a template or to receive professional editing on their finished document.

  • Ask the Professor
  • If the professor assigned the analysis and evaluation essay, they most likely have examples from previous years that are lying around in their office. Students can visit their professor during office hours or ask them after class for a template or sample document. At the very least, the professor will be able to recommend a location that has examples available.

  • Go to Academic Websites
  • There are a number of websites set up that are exclusively designed for academic purposes. On these sites, students can find example documents, templates, writing guides and citation help. These sites may be run through a company or set up by a specific college. Either way, the academic websites will be able to offer the heightened level of assistance that students need to achieve a top score.

  • Get Specific
  • If all of the previous techniques failed, students do not have to lose hope yet. To find an example, students can type “analysis and evaluation essay template” into the search bar. Once the student presses enter, a number of different search results will appear. In general, the student will be able to find the template that they need within the first two pages of search results.