How To Avoid Unnecessary Descriptions In Your Essays

One of the most common mistakes students make in writing an essay is that they include unnecessary descriptions. They write too much material. They write irrelevant material. They over write their essay. The best way to avoid unnecessary descriptions in your essays is to know the good aspects of an essay. When you know the right things to write and how to write them, you will automatically reduce or remove the unnecessary descriptions in your essays.

The what, why and how

If you address these three factors in your essay and stick to these three factors you will go a long way to avoiding unnecessary descriptions. What are you to include? Why are you to include it? And how will it be created? Usually the greatest of these three aspects is the why answer. You need to have a particular reason for creating this essay. And once you can encapsulate this reason in a single sentence, you're well on the way to planning and writing an essay without unnecessary descriptions.

Once you are clear as to the reason for the creation of your essay, you can then concentrate on answering the question or arguing the case with as few words as possible. Get the why answer down pat. v

Show and tell

There is a big difference in the writing of an essay when the reader is drawn into a situation rather than is simply told something. If you can create an essay which gets the imagination of the reader fired up and attracts and holds their interest accordingly, you will have a much more powerful essay than one in which you simply tell them what has happened or that such and such is the case. Always aim to create your essays using the show rather than the tell technique.

It's all in the revision and proofreading

Once you have completed the first draft of your essay, you've come to a process which is a wonderful way to firstly improve your essay, and secondly to remove any unnecessary descriptions. It's an excellent idea to read aloud what you have written as this can find mistakes more easily and help you get an idea of the flow of your writing.

Are you saying the same thing more than once? Are you saying something that is not related to the main idea or theme of your essay? If so, now is the time to revise and even to cut altogether.