Research paper writing services: to use or not to use

When you are tasked with a research paper, you might feel overwhelmed. You may be unsure of how to write a research paper, or you may just have limited time on your hands. You might even question whether or not to use a research paper writing service.

The answer?


Avoid using a service as it will more than likely conflict with your academic integrity policy for the school, which, if caught, can be grounds for expulsion. It is not worth that risk.

Instead, follow these tips:

  • When you are writing a research paper, it is imperative that you conduct proper and thorough research. Real research does not mean pulling things off the internet and rewording them. It means evaluating primary sources and not just secondary sources. Primary sources are things that were written during the time of the subject. For example: if you are researching medicinal treatments used in the Congo during WWII, you need to find primary sources such as a journal from a doctor sent there to research, or documentation of the medicines from that time period. Memoirs or economic statistics, even receipts for purchases count. Bring all of your skills forward for your topic. You can even use documents in a foreign language so long as they are translated. There are many sources out there today that can translate information for you so don’t let the fact that the primary data was written in French hold you back.
  • If you want to write a paper that focuses on how national identify conceptions have changed over the last two decades, you can examine different speeches given by political leaders, review editorials in major newspapers, and look for voting support polls for other regional parties. You might even arrange for an interview with an expert in that field, such as a prominent journalist, a government representative, or a noted scholar.
  • The reason you want primary sources is because primary sources will get you as close to the action as possible. Primary sources are real. They are on-the-ground. They offer the best sources for any research style paper. While you research for your paper, you want to find sources as close to the action as possible. In other words: you want sources as close to the events you are studying. It is then up to you to assemble adequate evidence to make a clear argument based on the credible sources you gathered.