Top 5 Research Paper Topic Ideas

When you have a research paper assigned, it’s easy to procrastinate and put it off, but once you start on it, the rest comes much easier. It’s just that first part, just beginning your paper, that is usually the hardest and the most dreaded part. That first part is choosing your topic. Picking a topic for a research paper is very important because it affects the whole paper, and how you write about it, how you feel about it, and what sources you use to support your position. So once you have your topic down, the rest is just following through with your idea.

How to Choose a Topic

If there are any guidelines your teacher has provided, make sure you include those in your search for a topic, or if there is a prompt they want you to use in figuring out your topic. Take into consideration your hobbies, interests, and what you’ve recently studied in class. You could even ask your peers and friends what topics they are doing or thinking about doing. If there are any example research papers that your teacher has provided, you could use the same issue with a different angle to it, or the same question about a different situation.

Five Starting Topics

Here is a list of the some popular topics for college and university research papers:

  • Religion
  • Not just your own (if you are religious) but you could write about any religion in the world, even ancient ones that are no longer in practice.
  • If you choose one of your friends’ religions, you can use them for research help, or choose one that your school library has a lot of books about.
  • Caffeine
  • You could talk about how this common coffee ingredient has become an everyday thing for most people, its good and bad effects.
  • Obesity
  • You could choose a particular country to focus on here, or address worldwide obesity.
  • If you want a narrower topic, choose a more specific type of people who are obese, like American females in their 40s, for example.
  • Air Pollution
  • Pick a certain part of the world to focus on here with an air pollution problem, or a particular factory that has had scrutiny over their non-environmental practices
  • Texting
  • How has this become an everyday part of life? Talk about how young people start texting, and if they should have phones at young ages or not.