Most popular Entrance Essay Questions

When it comes time to write essays for college entrance, you might begin to feel like you are writing the same essays over and over again. In the past few years, many colleges have used the same few essay ideas. Most of the essay prompts have revolved around personal experiences and what students have learned from their experiences. These are a few of the most popular essay topics:

Write about your identity and what makes you unique. With an essay topic like this, students need to reflect on the way they were raised and how it has helped them become the people they are today.

Reflect on a time that you failed. Colleges and universities want to see whether or not a student has character. Asking about failure is one sure-fire way to do it. College is one place where many people experience failure, but they do not always have the support that they would have if they experienced failure at home. Colleges want to see how students can adapt when the world does not go their way.

Describe a place where you can really be yourself. This prompt is asking students to reflect on where they feel most comfortable. Students should be able to describe the place and why they feel so comfortable there.

Reflect on the most useful advice you have ever received. The topic requires students to describe a situation where they were able to use advice. It requires students to show how they overcame a difficulty and learned from their experiences.

Write about an influential person in your life. In this essay, students can discuss the type of people that they around most of the time. Colleges will be able to see whether the students have a support system that is positive.

Write about a topic of choice. While this choice is usually on many college applications, it does not mean that students should choose it. Colleges want their students to answer their questions because they are looking for specific answers. When students go rogue and make up their own topics, colleges do get the data they need. They can see if a student is able to go off on their own and be successful or not.

Some colleges are choosing unusual topics that are not about personal experiences, but about creativity. These should be approached with a sense of wonder, rather than worry.