Theses Writing Tips: Primary Research

Primary research is the type of research in which you have to collect data by yourself by using difference data collection tools. Primary research is first hand resource research methodology. You can collect data for primary research by using survey methods, conducting interviews. Interviews can be both semi-structured and structured interviews. Data can also be collected by using observational methods and ethnographic research tools.

If you are doing primary research then you must do it correctly. Primary research is considered as very important data source for secondary researches. The results obtained in primary research can further be used as data in different journals, research papers, research articles, magazines and relevant books. In educational institutions research project is included as compulsory work to submit in order to claim your degree in graduation and higher studies than graduation. Research paper writing is a skillful project and you must be aware of good research writing technique. It helps you in doing your research thesis during your academic period.

Students are generally not familiar with the methodology of doing primary research for their thesis. They can seek guidance from their instructors and relevant persons to learn the way of doing primary research thesis.

Tips for primary research

In this article, you will find few basic tips considered as necessary for writing your thesis based on primary research.

  • First of all you have to select a topic for your primary research thesis. You topic should clearly state that researching on this topic requires the collection of data from primary source.
  • After choosing a topic, you must read and study the topic in depth by using different sources like books, journals, previous research paper on the relevant topic etc.
  • After acquiring enough information, you must formulate a precise introduction of your topic.
  • After writing introduction, you have to formulate a hypothesis. Hypothesis is a tentative statement about which you are going to explore in your research work.
  • You can design research question if you are using qualitative research method.
  • You must include the objectives and implications of your research work after registering the hypothesis or research question.
  • You have to mention your sample and sampling technique you are going to follow.
  • Data collection methods must be mentioned.
  • You have to write the procedure of your research then.
  • Results should be included after procedure.
  • Discussion and conclusion should be written at the end.