10 Descriptive Essay Topics To Stay Away From

In a descriptive or narrative essay, you’re essentially telling a story. When writing this kind of essay, you want to have a good balance of facts and opinions relative to what happened. It needs to be accurate but still interesting and plausible. Much of the time, these essays are written around personal events or things that have happened to you. Some students might think that gives you free rein as far as topics go, but there are some that teachers hate and are sick of seeing. You don’t want to write about something that’s going to get you a bad mark after all the work of writing it.

Don’t Write about These Topics

  1. Your time in jail
  2. Drug usage
  3. Arrogance regarding a heroic act
  4. Your sexual experiences
  5. A travel journal
  6. Closed-minded perspective on a controversial issue
  7. Trying to write a comedy routine
  8. A long list of your accomplishments
  9. Pity party about bad things happening to you
  10. Excuses for your low grades or another situation

There you have it – ten topics that are not the best choices. Some are for obvious reasons, and others are just overdone. Sometimes it’s impossible to make certain types of personal experiences interesting, like bragging about singlehandedly winning a sports game. No one wants to read about that! Think about how you’d receive an essay on the other side, if you were the grader and someone else was the student – would you still write what you’ve planned on writing?

Making a Good Descriptive Essay

If you aren’t sure that your topic is good or not, ask your teacher. They’ll be able to tell you what they’ve seen too much of, or what other students have failed trying in the past. This information can be really helpful, because knowing what to avoid is just as good as ideas for ones you should do.

A good descriptive essay really does revolve around a good topic. As long as you have a solid topic and a story to tell, it’s hard to do poorly at an essay like this. Another tip you might want to do is getting a friend’s opinion, both for your topic and the finished essay. This way, you can have a unique perspective analyze your work. They won’t be blinded by any closeness to the writing, and will see errors better than you can.