5 Best College Essay Tips

Writing a college essay can be stressful when you are not sure what to include or what to write about.  Whether you are writing an essay to gain entrance into a college of your choice, or you’re writing for an assignment based on a specific topic, there are certain factors that apply to most essay assignments.  Having a firm hand on the topic can help you produce a winning essay.  Meaning, be smart and selective about your topic, know your personal interests that will help you write well, and take time to revise and proofread your content.  The following tips are suggestions in what you can do to help improve the quality of your essay.

  1. Choose an appealing topic.  The topic should be something you have an interest in.  It helps to have some inside knowledge about it as well.  This could help in researching the topic and how you deliver the final result.  The same principal applies if the essay is for college admissions. You should also distinguish what makes a good essay and how ideas are detailed or written to talk about the topic.
  2. Take time to create a draft before writing the final essay.  Many writers may overlook this task but it can help improve details you want to include in your essay.  The first draft gives writers the opportunity to brainstorm, narrow the topic, and clarify answers to questions about what you wrote. Are specific in what you presented? Did you answer or support the thesis well?
  3. Proofread and edit your final draft.  This is another step many students overlook because they feel they don’t have time or energy.  This step helps you polish the final product.  Read it over and note grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, and other mistakes.  How are sentences and paragraphs structured?  How well do thoughts and concepts come through when you read it? 
  4. Be creative in presenting your details.  If you can include a graph or a visual aid to help display statistical data, then do so.  If your essay is in relation to a college admission, you still want to the look of the paper to be clean, uniform, and formatted correctly. A visual aid isn’t necessary but you should present true information.
  5. Do not copy or plagiarize your essay content.  You could jeopardize your reputation and even get rejected or kicked out of the educational institution.  Being smart with your time will help you avoid this action.