5 Interesting Topics for Argumentative Essays

One of the most common sources of stress for students is essay writing. Nobody likes them, everybody dreads them and procrastinates, and that anxiety really is unnecessary. Once you get started, things get so much easier, if only you just start something, anything. Picking your topic is the best place to start, because it influences everything else and you can’t start writing if you don’t have a topic.

How to Find Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

There are many ways you can find topic ideas, and so many places to look, so here is a brief list of some of the best ways:

  • Ask your professor, friends or peers
  • Find an essay prompt or example
  • Do something similar to a past written essay, whether yours from another class, or one someone else has written
  • Read or watch the local current news
  • Base your topic off of a hobby or interest you have

Wherever you find your topic, make sure it has room for speculation and argument, which is the whole point of an argumentative essay. For example, don’t pick something too narrow-minded, or that only has one point of view on the issue.

5 Interesting Example Topic Ideas

  1. Dependency on Technology
    • You could talk about how in a world where when the internet is down for one day and everyone is bored, what does that say about us as a country, or as a species?
  2. Should Driver’s Ed be Mandatory?
    • Would you support a law that makes taking driver’s education a requirement prior to getting your driver’s license?
    • Should these classes then be free of charge since you have to take them, or will people still have to pay for it or just not get a license?
  3. Going Straight into College after High School
    • Is it healthier to take a year or two off to work and save up for college, or to go straight in and go into debt with student loans?
    • Do more kids who go straight into college stay and graduate, or drop out? Do more kids who wait a year before college graduate or drop out?
  4. Legalization of Marijuana
    • Should marijuana be legal, and why?
    • How would this affect drugs in schools, or drug related violence?
  5. Manipulation of Advertising
    • Are tv ads, billboards and other advertising more harmful than helpful?