Why NOT to Buy Essay Papers Online

People don’t always like to think things through, do they? It’s about immediate satisfaction – about getting the job done ASAP. This kind of mentality is what leads so many students to purchase essay papers online. For whatever reason, be it academic overload, work issues or personal reasons, you can’t (or just don’t want to) write the essay yourself. Think long and hard, though, before you decide to buy an essay paper online – because there are some serious reasons to avoid doing so! Look below to see the two major reasons that purchasing an essay online is not a great idea.

You Could Get Screwed

Let’s get this straight: pretty much nothing sold online can be 100% trusted – at least not at first. This is especially true when you’re employing some arbitrary and unknown writing service to assist you with your essay paper. Who’s to say these supposed “professionals” with “degrees” and “years of experience” aren’t actually falsified identities placed halfway around the world? Who’s to say they won’t just put up a nice front to convince you to hand over your credit card information, just so they can steal your cash? The bottom line is, buying an essay paper online can end up depleting your financial accounts and messing up your entire personal life.

Your Could be Labeled the “Cheater”

Essays are supposed to be reflections of your writing ability, personal opinions and intellectual responses to direct questions. They are supposed to represent a huge part of your academic achievement. So, when you buy an essay paper online, you aren’t fulfilling a single one of those requirements. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue, thought, right? As long as you get a good grade.

Here’s the issue: teachers aren’t idiots. Odds are you’ve turned in a few other essays by now, and they’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re essay style looks like. When you turn in a bought essay, then – an essay written by an entirely different person – it’s not so hard to tell that something’s amiss. Teachers are more than likely to question where all your sudden English language skills and critical thinking concepts developed. If they don’t accuse you of plagiarism, they are at least likely to accuse you of not doing the assignment yourself (which, in this case, would be true). If this happens, you’re under lockdown. Parents, school staff and even your friends will have their eyes trained on you for any sign of dishonesty. It’s note exactly an ideal living situation!