How to Write My Essay in 5 Hours

Essays are among the most dreaded assignment students can face in college or university. Most students don’t like them, and it can be a great source of stress and pressure on an already busy, financially struggling person to add one more unpleasant task such as an essay.

If you could have your essay done in one day, in only a few hours, it would take off a lot of that pressure. Getting it done early and just pushing through to the end will be a struggle in the moment, but well worth it down the road. Here is an outline of how to write your essay in about 5 hours.

Hour One

Gather everything related to your essay such as prompts or topic choices, examples, instructions from your teacher, or suggested sources. Then, choose your topic or create one, and start forming a thesis statement regarding your position on your chosen topic.

Start deciding what points you want to make in the body of the essay, and possibly a quote or two for the first and last sentence of your entire essay, as attention grabbers.

Hour Two

Flesh out your outline. Take all the materials you have so far and place your first quote, thesis statement, and a summary of your arguments in the introduction. Then for outlining the body, have a title for each paragraph you want to have, and a basic statement of what your position is and how you will argue it.

Then you need to start researching your topic. Go online for fast searching (saves gas and time) for journals, articles, books, anything that you may need to use as a source.

Hour Three

Finish your research (if there is any left to do) and start writing. When you begin writing, don’t worry about what it sounds like or your spelling skills. Just get it down on paper, and then you can rearrange, proofread or delete stuff later. Do reference your research material, but it is better to read it ahead of time and take notes of pages you want to reference, than to start writing first and search for a quotation in your sources second.

Hour Four

Write a complete first draft. When you have all your ideas out on paper (or computer) then write a conclusion that wraps everything up and leaves the reader with a challenge or poignant statement.

Hour Five

Edit and polish.