Requirements For Writing A Middle School Research Paper

The main requirements for writing a middle school research paper are put in place to ensure middle school students are adhering to the proper rules and standards of research writing.

Annotated Bibliography

To avoid plagiarism, all sources need to be properly credited with a bibliography according the following:

  • Must be written in MLA format
  • Must contain citations and brief summaries of the source
  • Needs to include the thesis statement
  • Needs  to include brief summary of chosen sources 
  • Source Card

Students need to provide between three and six Source Cards for teacher provided References

  • Book
  • Encyclopedia
  • Internet
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Scholarly journal
  • Note Cards

Students need to complete between 5-12 Note Cards 

  • 3 direct quotes from each of the 3 sources
  • 2 paraphrases from the direct quotes
  • 3 summaries of paragraphs


  • The length of the paper should first be considered in order to choose a topic that can be narrowed down and written about specifically to make sure the topic is not too broad.
  • Once a few topics have been chosen, preliminary research should be considered to ensure there is enough information available about the chosen topic.
  • The writer should select a topic that is interesting to them to encourage them to learn more about it and essentially make researching and writing more fun.

Main Idea

  • Once a research topic has been chosen, a list of resources should be written to make sure there is enough information to write a main idea for the paper.
  •  A maximum of three questions should be written than can be answered in the research paper.
  • One of those questions should be selected to guide the main idea. The question should be re-written as a statement and used for the thesis.
  • Using the main idea, an outline needs to be created in order to organize the thoughts and create the body of the research paper.
  • The main requirements for middle school research papers can potentially vary depending on the grade level. There are slight variations of the main requirements between 6th -8th grades. The higher the grade level, the more specific and detailed the research papers are required to be and the more input and creativity the students are allowed to show. The main focus of the research paper is to show students how they should give credit to others’ work in their writing and how they should properly write their papers to ensure this is the case. When evaluating the main requirements of a middle school research paper it is imperative to take the school’s particular standards into careful consideration. By doing this, you can ensure the proper rules are followed and all of the necessary requirements have been met. Other way is to use custom writing agency.