Three Main Parts Of Any Academic Essay

The three main parts of any academic essay have long been in use. To use them you will not be inventing the wheel. This is important. Don’t be a student who thinks they’ll gain extra marks by not just writing a brilliant essay but writing one in some strange and unheard structure. Stick to the tried and tested formulas. There are three main parts which form the basis of every academic essay since time began. Here are those three main parts.

  • Introduction
  • body paragraphs
  • conclusion

The introduction is vital. While the title page will list the topic of the essay and your name and particulars, the first thing any reader of your essay will grapple with will be the introduction. As the old saying goes, ‘You don't get a second opportunity to make a first impression’. You need to start with a bang. Some people suggest that you open with a quote. Make it a powerful quotation and obviously know the rules about referencing and citation. Then the introduction will, in as few words as possible, introduce the main theme or thesis statement of your academic essay. It will hint at the way you will support your thesis statement and whet the appetite of the reader, encouraging them to want to read more. The introduction is your ‘hello’ part of the essay.

Then we come to the second of the main parts of an essay which are known as the body paragraphs. There can be two of these and sometimes more but depending on the number of words required for the essay, two body paragraphs are the norm. Here you need to set out the main point or points you talk about in order to support your thesis statement. Do not clutter any of your writing and particularly not in a body paragraph. Provide the evidence to support your case. Keep your main points separate and using one per paragraph as the ideal way to proceed.

Finally you come to the conclusion. Here you do not introduce new material. All the evidence you have used to support your case will have occurred in the body paragraphs. In the conclusion you write a synopsis of what has gone before. It is like a judge summing up a case before handing it over to the jury. Write a summary of the points you have made without developing a new argument.